Lunch: Herbed Chicken Sandwich with Tarragon Mustard

I’m a mustard slut.

I’ve noticed that these days, when I travel about (and lucky me, living and working in Europe!), I am bringing back foodie delights for my souvenirs, mostly condiments. And mostly mustard.

Partridge's Royal Warrent. Posh!

I had a gorgeous herbed mustard that I brought back from Paris last summer, and I tried to make it last, but alas. So on my recent sojourn to London, after spending the afternoon in the Saachti Gallery with a friend, I discovered the divine Partridge’s in posh Sloan Square. (My life isn’t always so glamourous, so I have to mark these moments as they come!) I think part of the reason I have been buying nice mustard is it doesn’t take a huge outlay of cash to buy something really nice that can doctor up a boring sandwich or flavour an ordinary dish. I said in an earlier post, nice condiments can alleviate feelings of ‘not eating well’ when your wallet is thin.

So today, I made a chicken sandwich – simply sauteed the breast in some Olive Oil, seasoned salt, and herbes de provence – then on a whim, threw some garlic stuffed olives in the pan and fried them too. This softened them a bit, but also really brought out the salt, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are a salt-lover. I then toasted a whole grain roll I picked up at the local deli, and spread on a layer of  divine tarragon mustard from La Moutarderie Fallot.

Et voila!

Herbed Chicken Sandwich with Tarragon Mustard and Fried Garlic Olives

Bon appétit!



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